All Aboard!

Welcome to Boat Share Finder. You’ve found us, now I suppose you want to know a little more about what we do and who we are.

Boat Share Finder wants to bring together like minded individuals, who want the fun and excitement of owning a boat, but to share the cost and responsibility. In our busy lives, we don’t always have time for the upkeep of a boat, or even to spend a lot of time enjoying our investment. We think boat sharing is the perfect compromise, and Boat Share Finder is the ideal place to find, or sell, your share.

All aboard!

We have boats to suit all lifestyles. Whether you want to develop an exciting new hobby and take up sailing, get to know the beautiful British countryside a little better in a quaint narrow boat or even invite friends for a picnic and a glass of wine on a cruiser – there is always something for everyone.

You can invest anywhere from a twelfth share all the way up to a half share in a boat – whatever your budget and time can stretch to. This gives the opportunity and flexibility to really relish the time you have aboard your new investment.

As boats aren’t restricted by the same road systems as cars, and when you consider the Earth is 70% covered by water, the adventures and possibilities are endless! With this blog we’re hoping to bring inspiration, advice and ideas to boating enthusiasts, whether you have a secret desire to cruise around the Greek Islands or you want to spend a relaxing holiday exploring the Italian lakes. Every week we’ll be bringing fresh ideas on where you can go on your new boat, and advice on how to manage your boat share and take care of your investment.

Let’s climb aboard, hoist the sail and weigh anchor – your journey awaits!