Embrace the concept of boat sharing

Embrace the concept of boat sharing

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

We are taught from a young age that it’s good to share; as we grow older though, we seem less inclined to embrace the concept. Not any more it seems. The growth of fractional ownership and collaborative consumption, two very ‘grown up’ takes on sharing, are shaping the way consumers look at asset ownership.

Fractional ownership

Fractional ownership has been around for a long time and is associated with groups of people, or syndicates, buying high value assets such as yachts or private jets to mitigate the high cost of maintaining that asset. The concept makes perfect sense for boat owners of all descriptions and here are some of the reasons:

  • It allows you to buy a bigger boat than you could otherwise afford; anything from a dinghy to a super yacht in fact
  • It allows you to share the cost of maintaining your boat including repairs and mooring
  • It ensures that your boat does not lay idle for long periods.

Fractional ownership of a boat also has the benefit of giving you a ready-made group of like-minded people to sail with should you want to. As one commentator put it; ‘It makes good financial sense. All the fun, without the hassle.’

Collaborative consumption

The idea behind collaborative consumption, ie sharing the use of a particular product, is perhaps more altruistic in its genesis, coming from an angle of sustainability and lowering the impact on the economy. The rise of technology has facilitated sharing on a mass scale and fuelled people’s imaginations as to what can be gained by sharing.

Boat Share Finder is a classic example of how technology is opening new doors; the website supports collaborative consumption by providing a market place where consumers can trade shares in boats for sale. The idea is to give existing boat owners a facility to sells shares in their asset and potential boat owners a means of getting into a leisure activity that might otherwise elude them.

Whatever your motive, the key principles of sharing i.e. community, fun, flexibility and value, are all very much alive in the boating world and we should all embrace them.