Top tips on taking beautiful boat pictures

Clean Up

Top tips on taking beautiful boat pictures

It seems self-explanatory but it is sometimes overlooked. Doing the dishes, tidying the surfaces and making the beds will make your boat seem more inviting.

Take pictures in the daylight

Natural light makes all spaces look more vibrant and the photos will look more professional. Open all the curtains, turn on all the lights and try to take pictures on a bright and sunny day.

Shoot in landscape where possible

Shooting in landscape allows more of the room to be seen. Avoid shooting direct onto a flat wall and instead opt for photos taken from the corners or a high angle. This helps rooms look more spacious and inviting.

Top tips on taking beautiful boat pictures

Take multiple photos

The more photos the better. Take multiple of the same room and choose the one that highlights the best features of the room. Take photos of as many rooms as possible to allow people to picture what your boat looks like from the inside.

Take photos of the outside of your boat on open water if possible

A boat looks best with the wind in her sails out on the open water. If possible, take your boat out on a beautiful sunny day to show her off in the best light. You can also use show photos if you cannot take them yourself.