How Boat Share Finder has helped the Steamship Freshspring

Steamship Freshspring

Steamship Freshspring Society is an education-focussed charity, which supports young people and volunteers of all ages.

We help school children with training and career support, encouraging entry into engineering and maritime, including marina, outdoor sports, boat building and other maritime careers. Our Volunteer Programme addresses social exclusion. unemployment and loneliness by providing placements for those needing support.The Trust owns a nationally recognised steamship, which is used to inspire those involved and provide practical skills. Our team attends school career events and workshops to help young people to become aware of and take up opportunities and training.

SS Freshspring is a unique, small coasting steamship representing vessels common from the 19th century. She is the last potentially operational example of these ships. Please help to support those excluded from our society and allow us to encourage young people into rewarding maritime careers. Young people visit the SS Freshspring and learn about engineering and the skills required to enter careers in the maritime sector. Your giving allows this vessel to be available and accessible as a valuable heritage resource. Thank you.

To read more about the Steamship Freshspringvisit their website.

Steamship Freshspring Steamship Freshspring